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Pennywise Fucks Harley Quinn - SuicideSquad and IT


Pennywise leaned down and kissed Harley Quinn while holding her in his arms. It was a long, ravenous kiss that seemed as if Pennywise was tasting her. Pennywise viciously tossed Harley Quinn down on her feet afterwards, and she tumbled backwards. As Pennywise moved closer to her, he grabbed her and violently threw her onto the red chesterfield sofa then he anxiously sat beside her and picked her up and fiercely threw her body on top of him. She desperately kissed him repeatedly while reaching for his crotch. He yanked her closer and continued to ruthlessly kiss her lips while grabbing her brea… Read more

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White Slave boy in Africa part 1

Interracial SexGay MaleHardcore

White Slave boy in Africa part 1 Captain Smyth knew exactly what type of boy he needed and he wasn't leaving Southampton without him. It was 1790 and as a slave trader for 30 years he knew that the hardest part of slaving was dealing with the African nobility and merchants on the West coast of Africa. He also had an unparalleled relationship with the most notorious but wealthiest of them all, King Luanga, the head of the Watusi. Smythe had spent years developing this relationship and he knew that Luanga was as dependent on Smythe as He was on Luanga. Luanga was a brutal but effective King an… Read more

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Greg Fucks Marcia - Brady Bunch


Greg fucks Marcia
 Greg was planning on an evening all to himself for the evening while their parents were out on a date, Alice was taking the other c***dren to the movies, and Marcia planned to go to a birthday party with her friends. After Greg assured his parents that he’d be okay alone and everyone left the house Greg headed upstairs to have some time to himself. He’d always been sexually attracted to his stepsister Marcia and fantasies about her all the time. He went into the girls bedroom instead of his room and immediately opened Marcia’s drawer and grabbed a pair of her favorite pink… Read more

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HUGE COCK takes my hungry little pussy-in the dorm

Group SexHardcoreAnal

Okay ya’all. It’s the morning after my previous story about “Scott” (see Huge Cock takes her “virgin pussy”). If you know me, you know I’m a BBC girl all the way-and I have plans for tonight. But that’ll be another story. I have to say, I had a lot of fun with my HUGE BLACK DILDO when I went to bed after writing that last story. I thought I was done after I had cum when writing it; but when I got in bed the rest of his story kept playing in my mind. So I stuck my enormous suction cup dildo on the headboard and had some doggy style fun. NOT the same as being f*cked by a real cock, but a girl ge… Read more

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French couple with a Indian / Pakistani colleague

Interracial SexFetishHardcore

We are a French couple and lived in the UK for about 2 years. We moved to Manchester as I work there. My wife is a teacher and teaches languages. We have been married for 3 years. At work I made a lot of friends, and went to a number of weddings and nights out with them. One guy in particular I got quite close with as he was a part time car dealer. This was last year before covid. He was of Indian/Pakistani origin and was in Manchester for work only, and is originally from Huddersfield. He is also married to a Indian girl. One day in the office he spoke about his wife a lot and he showed me a… Read more

Posted by Kaishak 1 hour ago 183

My Movie Star

CelebrityFirst Time

I met the most gorgeous and one of the most famous movie stars in Hollywood. Little did I know what the future held for us. I met Nicole on one of my many trips to California for the Shuttle landing. I work for a NASA contractor at Kennedy Space Center and my job is involved with the landing. I like going to California, so I always volunteer to go. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was driving my normal route up to Lancaster from LAX and as I was passing through Acton on the Antelope Valley Freeway, a r… Read more

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Dildo Fucking Story

Gay MaleMasturbationHardcore

Dildo Fucking Story By: Londebaaz Chohan How unlucky! Jackoff had at least 5 married fuck buddies and 1 guy who was unmarried. He always thought at least one of them shall be available to fuck his ass if he called them until today. He was out of job, home bound and had nothing much but to beat his cock and drain his balls couple of times a day. The fuck buddy who lived the closest and was enjoyed the most by Jackoff, had been away on a company trip for a sales meeting for another about 3 days at least. It was almost midnight, his ass was twitching and trembling for a cock to satisfy… Read more

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Overtime at the Office


This is a rough draft of my latest erotic short story. It is a sequel to my first story, A Limo Ride to Remember, which can be read on Literotica, and continues the relationship between Brittany and Jordan, one year later. I will upload the final draft on Literotica. ******** As another day comes to an end, the sounds of the office die down with the setting of the November sun. What normally is the whirring ambience of printers, fax machines, and telephones becomes the usual hallway chatter of "See you tomorrow" and "Have a good evening," somewhat drowned out by the frantic clacking of my fi… Read more

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First older woman

First TimeMature

Ok, as I think back, the first older woman after I kinda new what I was doing was a neighbor named Brenda, her husband was a truck driver and was gone most of the time, I can’t remember why or how it all got started but some of the k**s hung out at her house a lot. I remember helping her out with things I could around the house like cutting her grass and things like that, about 2 miles from our house their was a old mill with a water wheel, A lot of the k**s hung out their, it was kind of a party place, I had told Brenda I was going on Friday and she started to ask a lot of questions about it,… Read more

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Anne The Slutty Anal MILF


I met Anne on the dating site Plenty of Fish when there was the ‘Intimate Encounter’ option. When I first saw her profile I immediately wanted to meet up with her due to her big tits and red hair. I sent her a message and I was happy when she replied despite the fact she lived over 80 miles away. We started chatting on the site and we eventually decided to meet up at a motel in Reading. As I waited for her in the room I felt a little bit nervous as it was our first meeting. When she walked in I couldn’t stop staring at her massive tits and I wanted her to remove her top and reveal them to me… Read more

Posted by SandyBoro 4 hours ago 783 100%

First man on man experience

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

It’s taken me a lifetime to figure out who I am and what I like. I identified as “straight” for most of my life. Had female partners, watched nothing but straight porn, Etc. I even served in the US military shortly after “don’t ask don’t tell” was implemented in the 1990s. I remember the questions on the enlistment contract concerning bisexuality and homosexuality were simply crossed out because they had not created new forms to accommodate the new policy. In basic training we were constantly called “fags” and other slurs. the logic at the time was that if it offends you, it’s because you ar… Read more

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Head or....AND Tails


Heads or....AND Tails So....these are a few cell phone stories I had to send to a friend. When she and I were in our younger 20s, she turned me out. She showed me what sex is REALLY supposed to be like. She moved a few states away and we lost contact. She searched me out when she moved back to the area and of which, we are now in our late 40s. She was still as hot as ever and was curious to see if her student had learned anything new. Well....THIS time....I turned HER out. I showed her what sex could REALLY be. She assured me with no DOUBT that I was going to get whatever I wanted...she just… Read more

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Losing My Virginity Turned Into A Nightmare

First TimeHardcore

Intro - I Recently lost my virginity to my close friends GF Abbie. Shes 32, hes 38 and im 28, they've been together for like 15 years, have 2 daughters and iv know my friend for 10 of them so its quite a big deal. What happened - For the 2nd time ever, he was working away for his job, for about 3 weeks he'd been telling me Abbie's brakes on her car needed doing and i said i'd do it for them (im a mechanic) ages ago. He kept forgetting to get me round to do it and they ended up wearing completely while he was away. So he text me asking if i could do it in an emergency as she needed the car t… Read more

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Unknown Cock part 2

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Well that was the most fun I had at a club in a long time, especially the strange cock that just got done fucking my pussy in the mens room, by possibly my friend who was at the club with me and my wife that night. So we parted ways for the night and went home, when we got there my wife said I'm so horny and dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. Wow this was good but all I could do was imagine my guy friend on his knees sucking my cock and then on to fucking right there on the floor. Once again, all I could see was his face as I was fucking her pussy thinking to myself how tight hi… Read more

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She used him


She was looking down on him as lay there spread with ass up high. He was tied bent over the back of the couch. His hands tied to the front and his ankles pulled wide to each back legs. Pulled so wide open he could feel his ass cheeks open and cool air on his anus. His cock hard from the feel of the ropes holding him. She could do anything she liked or every thought about. Slowly running her hand over his ass feeling each cheek the down between his legs playing with his cock. She could feel him tremble waiting for her as she pulled gently on the skin. Just teasing it back and forth. MMmmmmmm… Read more

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My Girlfriend's Daughter Saga: Scene 2

Group SexAnalTaboo

Title: Heather and Dan Heather and I planned the whole thing. Most of it. Well not all of it. Her boyfriend Dan was coming to visit her campus for the weekend. No one is really supposed to come but Heather was going to sneak us in. Heather wanted to see Dan. She was pissed off about something he texted her by mistake. He was chatting with another girl and Heather found out. Heather’s beautiful roommate Deena went home to visit her family. My girlfriend, June, was away with some friends for the weekend. The plan was for me to wait nearby and Heather would text me when I should come in.… Read more

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A Swingers Group Campout

AnalGroup SexHardcore

This past Saturday, my wife Karen and I spent the day putting our RV in storage. When we got home, over dinner, we started to reminisce about some of our journeys. This is our third RV and we were actually reminiscing about travels as far back as our first small travel trailer. With a smirk on her face, Karen asked "do you remember the swingers campout we went to with our first RV?" "Oh sure, I remember" I said. "Mostly I remember that monster cock that Frank had." "Even now" Karen said "I can't believe how huge it was." Frank and Sheila were members of our swingers social club. Actually, the… Read more

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The liberal couple

Interracial SexShemale PornTaboo

Mary had been with Mike for 3 decades tonight was their wedding anniversary and i we were the gift she found Mike was watching in the next room on the tv the ca feed a girl my age , ebony and so cute her perky titis out , both of us wearing the same cute white string, mouth gagged hands tied in our back , we look at the couple kiss each other and waited looking at each other she ungag the teen girl ''what is your name sexy '' ''Patricia'' ''you are a very very sexy little women, did you ever eat one of your girl friend at school?'' ''....no...'' ''do you have cute friends? does cute whit… Read more

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Brother and Sister Mutual Masturbation

MasturbationFirst Time

Hello, my name is Lynlee and the following is a true story with some added fun :) This happened quite awhile ago, when i still lived at home and before i got married. i remember just before this all happened my dad had found traces of someone looking at porn on the family computer, when he asked if it was me i denied, as it wasn't me but that left me wondering which of my brothers actually had, because the search was for "brother fucks sister" as I saw it on the search history as my dad was questioning me and giving me whole porn is bad speech. That night i found myself aroused at the though… Read more

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BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapters 1 - 5

First TimeHardcoreHumor

(((Just combining chapters to reduce length of my POST lost.))) BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapter 1 The Present... A Trash Dumpster, New York City "Rambo to Sugar Tits. Rambo calling Sugar Tits. You awake Sugar Tits? This is your wake up call." "Yeah, I'm awake Rambo," I groaned. Rambo's irritating, nasal whine wasn't something I wanted to wake up to. Ever! "And, stop calling me Sugar Tits." The earpiece/microphone was coming lose from my ear and I seated it firmly back into place as Rambo continued. "Hey, you were the one who agreed that I could pick our call sig… Read more

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